Travel Theme: Gardens (Bogor Botanical Garden)

Bogor Botanical Garden, located in Bogor, Indonesia, is one of you must visits in Bogor. It’s 60 km from South of Jakarta, covers 80 hectares. It contains more than 15 000 species trees and plants. Located in city center and adjoin to Bogor Palace (Presidential Palace). To contribute Ailsa Photo Challenge for this week, as the theme, Garden, I would like to share some photos I took on my visit to Bogor Botanical Garden. For more collection of photo challenge, please visit Ailsa’s site at wheresmybackpack.


8 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Gardens (Bogor Botanical Garden)

  1. A Botanical Garden in Indonesia must be so different to ours in the UK. All those lush tropical plants and colours, that we only see inside a glasshouse. Many thanks for sharing these photos with us.
    Jude xx


  2. Wow – amazing gardens. I have never been to Indonesia. But the more I find bloggers online posting about the amazing destinations, the more I am wishing to go. I had never even heard of these gardens before.


    • hello Cyardin…. You’re most welcome to visit Indonesia anytime. This garden located in Bogor, a city not far from Jakarta. When traffic is not so bad, it can be reached in one and half hour by car. Thank you for visiting my blog..


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