Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

I like to take photo of boats. That’s why, if I took some pictures of the sea, boat would always be my favorite object. I see myself as the boat itself. Wandering, wading across the sea and sailing in the big ocean. The sailing was not always going smoothly. There was a time when the sea was so peaceful. Yet, at the other times, the sea can be changed so badly. Attacked anyone in front of it. The boat must survive, otherwise it would be throw down, sink and collided the rocks.

Raining, storm, wind, hurricane, tornado. However, the boat is kept going. Trying to conquer the ferocious ocean. Sailing far and far away , going to the world without border.However, there was a time when the boat felt tired and wanted to cast its anchor. Enjoying the time at the moment before moving to the other harbour. 

As contribution at weeklyphoto challenge, I choose some photos of boat in Lampulo, Banda Aceh, Indonesia. Seeing all those boats and its reflections is like having my own reflection. 

Location: Banda Aceh, Indonesia.

Camera: Canon 1000D.

Dedicated to beautiful memories in Banda Aceh, one of the best chapters of my life.

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