Weekly Photo Challenge: Rule of Thirds (Candle Cup)


When I traveled to foreign land, I tried to bring something home, just to remind me about good memories I had while I was there. It didn’t have to be something big or fancy or expensive. I just need something small that I could put in my backpack. It could be a key holder, snow ball, bookmark, and any other small crafts that assist me to nostalgic with those special places.

For this challenge, I would love to share a photo of cup candle by using Rule of Thirds. This cup, I found it while I was in Istanbul (my favorite city. I think I told everybody many times about it). When you have a chance to visit this beautiful city, you’ll see abundant souvenir shops in every corner of the city. Lamps and candle cups are one of beautiful crafts hanging at most of souvenir shops in the city. Many of them are hand made (including what I show on this blog. I hope the seller told me the truth), covered by fraction of colorful glasses.

Taken by: Canon 600D

Taken by: Canon 600D


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