Some Snaps From Princes Islands

Princes Islands had been known as islands of Princes at Byzantine Period. The princes kept coming to these islands to have private holiday. When Ottoman took over Turkey, this practice were still continued. During the nineteenth century, the islands become popular as summer holiday destination for jetsetters of Istanbul.

Buyukada is the biggest island. Located in the middle of sea of Marmara, there are regular boats coming and leaving from Kabatas harbour. Speed boats are also available which just taking 90 hours sailing to reach the island.

Vehicles are forbidden within the island. If visitors want to walk around, they can walk or get on the cart or riding the bicycle. It make the islands become special and very quite too. You just hear ring of bicycle, horses’ steps instead of car machine. Most of houses built using Victorian style and wooden construction.

 Since this blog is purposed for photography only, I didn’t write many things on this page. If you’re interested to read my visit to Princes Islands, you can read it at my other blogs, An ongoing Journey for English version and Jendela Fitri for Indonesian version.


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