Happy World Water Day

IMG_8945Today is world water day. I felt to give a bit reflection of what I did in term of saving water in our planet and realized that I was not doing so much.

Water is one of five elements philosophy and one of the most important things that people can’t live without. People could survive without food for three weeks, but surely will perish for three days without water.

When I can have an easy clean water access, many people out there are struggling to it for daily needs. I do remember when I was in Pining village, one of village in Gayo Luwes, Aceh, Indonesia, I needed to go for 1 kilometer to have an access clean water to have shower. I complained, but for the villagers, it was not something to be complained. They’re happy, even tough they must walk for some times, they still could have shower every day.

Children in Africa must walk many miles just for having clean drinking water. It makes me even more ashamed with myself for having drinking water without thinking where I must get it, and still took it for granted.

Nile River. I just wonder if there is good infrastructure and water piping, these water can cover the whole Africa

Nile River. I just wonder if there is good infrastructure and water piping systems, these water can cover the whole Africa

I am not the expert of water that can find solution how to distribute clean water to many unfortunate people in the world. However, I came up with rosulution to start it from my self for using water maximizely and avoiding to use water for something unecessary. Our planet will not loose our water if we care to share.

We care, we share, we can.

Happy World Water Day..


10 thoughts on “Happy World Water Day

  1. There is water scarcity in India also, ground water is decreasing still people waste so much where they get it. Nice post. Thought provoking. We must do what we can.


  2. Respecting the water means respecting life. Many of us who are blessed with the efficient water supply sometimes forget how our lives would be without water. Thank you for this reminder and it is a wonderful tribute to the world water day.


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