Travel Theme: Outdoors (Kawah Putih: Beauty of Indonesia #2)

After long time not participating with Ailsa Photo Challenge, this time I will share some photos I took when I did outdoor activities in West Java. Kawah Putih or White Crater, is a crater lake and one of tourist spots, located 50 km to South of Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. Kawah Putih is one of crater of Mount Patuha, one of many volcanoes in Indonesia, and had no serious activities since year 1600’s. It took two hours driving from Bandung (it depends on the traffic, it can be more or less). There are paths leading visitors to the crater. Once you get there, you’ll see the lake with its beautiful white water (probably that’s why they call it Kawah Putih), heavy fog and and strong smell of sulfur.

Kindly check some photos I took during this visit.

For more challenge, kindly visit Ailsa’s website at wheresmybackback.


7 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Outdoors (Kawah Putih: Beauty of Indonesia #2)

  1. The fog surrounding the crater not only adds more white to the crater, but also gives it some mystical aura. It just looks mysterious for me, as the fog keeps me asking, “What’s behind it?”.
    Well, Kawah Putih is surely a destination that can’t be missed.
    Great collection, Mbak :)).


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