The Green Rwanda

On last Easter Holiday, I took a chance to visit Rwanda, a small country in East Africa, bordered with Democratic Republic of the Congo. Knowing the fact that I have been living for almost two years in Bukavu, where the border is only 2 miles from my house, I succeeded to convince myself to see how the country is. I took public bus from Kamembe bus station, heading to capital Kigali. It took six hours journey, but the view was spectacular. Rwanda is not only known as the cleanest country in Africa but also very green. On my way to Kigali, I was shown with beautiful scenery, tea plantation and heavy rain forest.


12 thoughts on “The Green Rwanda

  1. Kelihatannya luaas dan bersih sekali sejauh mata memandang Mbak, tak ada orang kecuali yang satu tadi itu hehe. Adem banget :)).


    • Ini di bagian khatulistiwa nya Mbak Alris. Iklimnya, tumbuh – tumbuhannya sangat mirip dengan Indonesia. Tapi, semakin ke Utara, semakin mendekati gurun Sahara, maka iklimnya juga lebih panas. Terima kasih sudah mampir, Mbak..


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