Images of Cappadocia

Cappadocia is one of places that you must visit when you’re in Turkey. Located in central Turkey, can be reached by plane (more less one hour). Don’t worry if you’re budget travelers. There are many bus options going to Cappadocia with cheaper price (compared to plane fare) and comfortable enough. Nonetheless, the trip takes 12 hours for one way. Coming to Cappadocia is like entering the fairy tales. Thousand rocks with unique shapes resulted by volcano eruption thousand years back. Camel shape, mushroom, even head of Napoleon are there. In some places, it became hidden places for Christians in era of Roman Empire. People on that time created houses by craving the rocks. It was like living in the cave. Recently, some are still be used as habitations and hotels.


8 thoughts on “Images of Cappadocia

  1. Hih, iya, itu betul-betul kelihatan seperti angsa! Cappadocia memang menyihir banget–semua cerita perjalanan yang saya baca pasti sangat mengagungkannya. Di sana juga ada wahana balon udara itu juga kan Mbak ya, kalau saya tidak salah?

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