5 Days Photo Challenge: Bent Pyramid

Bent Pyramid, Cairo, Egypt

Bent Pyramid, Cairo, Egypt


I accepted photo challenge from Nina to combine two challenges into one. Nina, Indonesian woman expat who has been living in several countries (lately she’s living in England) and traveling to many countries around the globe. I did follow her blog since couple of years ago and amazed with her photography works, especially with her architecture photography. You can check her blog here.

The rules of the 5 days challenge are:

1. On 5 consecutive days. create a post using either a pas or recent photo in B&W only for Black and White Challenge OR in color for Five photos – Five stories challenge.

2. Each day invite another blogger friend to join in the fun.

Bent Pyramid

I took this photo five years ago at my short visit to Egypt. Unlikely common pyramids found in Egyot, Bent Pyramid has an unique shape. At the bottom, it has 54 degrees inclination. But once the construction started, the builders realized that it would create a very long pyramid. In the meantime, the death of  Pharaoh was nearing. The builders decided to change to 43 degrees to complete the construction on time.

Its location as far as 40 kilometers to South of Cairo makes it a bit hard to reach, compared to its neighbour, the Three pyramids of Giza. However, few tourist makes the place more special and gives more mystical impression for the building.

Bent Pyramid, Cairo, Egypt

Bent Pyramid, Cairo, Egypt

The Challenge Invitation:
I invite Cybele from ‘There was a time” – the runes of the gatekeeper’s daughter and other tales to participate with the challenge. I like her works in monochrome photography that give mystic and mysterius feelings for the readers. Her impressive works can be checked HERE

8 thoughts on “5 Days Photo Challenge: Bent Pyramid

    • Pyramid normally used as grave for pharaoh or the ruler of the country on that time. We can see what’s inside at pyramids in Giza. But I didn’t check them since I need to pay more to see those empty room. The mummies had been removed. Some of them are put at Egypt Museum. For this bent pyramid, I was not sure if it’s allowed since they did renovation to keep the pyramid steady.

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