5 Days Photo Challenge: Windmill

Windmill, somewhere in Netherlands

Windmill, somewhere in Netherlands


I accepted photo challenge from Nina to combine two challenges into one. Nina, Indonesian woman expat who has been living in several countries (lately she’s living in England) and traveling to many countries around the globe. I did follow her blog since couple of years ago and amazed with her photography works, especially with her architecture photography. You can check her blog here.

The rules of the 5 days challenge are:

1. On 5 consecutive days. create a post using either a pas or recent photo in B&W only for Black and White Challenge OR in color for Five photos – Five stories challenge.

2. Each day invite another blogger friend to join in the fun.


If in the last three days I posted photos from Africa, this time we are going more to the north, to other continent.

Netherlands is famous with its windmills, which is the most well known  icon in the country. During my short visit in Netherlands, I was wishing that I can find some windmills around the city. Apparently, I found nothing. Probably, It’s because I didn’t try hard to find them. However, I found this windmill on my way back to Amsterdam from Delft. I took it from the train, when the twilight started to come. It was a bit blur since I couldn’t hold my camera steadily due to the movement of the train. I hope it looks better in Black and White.

Windmill, somewhere in Netherlands

Windmill, somewhere in Netherlands


Challenge Invitation:

I invite Jithin from Pho Trablogger to participte with the challenge. I just followed his blog recently and amaze with his photography collection. His Morning Coffee posted almost everyday day made my day brighter. His blog is also full with photography tricks. You can check them HERE




10 thoughts on “5 Days Photo Challenge: Windmill

  1. The picture was not blur at all, anyway, I always like colour picture, where we can see the twilight colour which you capture so vividly even though you are on the move.

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  2. Amazing! I always want to see windmills in real, with colorful tulips behind them, swaying with the wind :)). By the way, when did you take the picture? Was it in the autumn?

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