Forces of Nature: When the Sunset Comes

Location: Qurum Beach, Muscat, Oman

Location: Qurum Beach, Muscat, Oman

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15 thoughts on “Forces of Nature: When the Sunset Comes

    • I’m still on my short break. I supposed to go to neighbour country to visit good friend of mine. Due to security reason, I cancel my trip, instead spending the whole weekend at home and working on some photos 😀


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  2. Wow, the color… how did you manage to get that photo, Mbak? The color and the silhouette left me speechless, even until the time I write this comment :haha.
    I like this picture because it makes me thinking. Why did the boy look down? Who are the people behind him? Are they his family, his father and his sister? Did they call him to go back home? Or was the boy trying to attempt a suicide and his family tried to stop him?

    Ah, so many questions. That is a wonderful picture all about–telling a thousand words with just a single image.

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    • I caught the moment, Gara. After spending almost two hours at the beach, did nothing but watching the sun went down. This is the other advantage being solo traveler. Others maybe couldn’t undertand what I did, sitting on the beach without doing anything. Glad, finally I could capture great moment. I thought, they’re family. It was a public beach where many people coming during the weekend to spend some times with family.. Thanks for commenting, Gara..
      cheers, 🙂

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      • Ah, tidak ada hal yang sia-sia, apabila disertai dengan usaha dan pengorbanan ya, Mbak :)). Apa yang didapat pasti merupakan hasil yang setimpal :)). Keren banget, Mbak. Semoga saya juga bisa lebih tahan di suatu tempat kalau sedang cari foto supaya dapat momen yang pas :)).

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