Thank You

Hello my dear followers,

I realized that I’m not so active on WordPress since early June. Apparently, there are no serious things happened to me, but abundant office works plus the coming of Ramadan, a holy month for Muslims, that requires me to fast during the day, made me forget my followers for a while.

Until this morning, I received a short message in my inbox from of one of my beloved followers. She asked how I was and worried since I was not seen on WordPress for sometimes.

This short massage is meant a lot to me. Knowing that somebody out there concern and care about my presence, even though we’re never met in person yet. This short message really made my day. It made me realize that how a simple thing can make somebody’s happy.  An email, a call, a short text, a smile, a little help and many simple things that we can do to spread the love and show that we care.

I was thinking to start posting some posts in the next following week. But, I couldn’t help myself to drop some words to tell how thankful I am. This post is dedicated to Amanda Ricks from Surprising Lives, and my other followers that always keep me in mind, no matter what. I love you all.

Location: Somewhere in Jordan. Camera: Canon 600D

Location: Somewhere in Jordan.
Camera: Canon 600D


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