Lake Toba, Seen from Balige

When you are in North Sumatera and want to enjoy the beauty of Lake Toba, going to Balige can be a good options. That place, can be reached six hours by car from Medan, the capital of provice, or two hours driving from Parapat, its neighbor city that is more famous for tourist atraction. Balige itself is quieter compared to Parapat, with less tourist and less hotels too. However, don’t be afraid. Tourist still could find some good hotels to stay in. Hotel Tiara Bunga, can be a good option too. It’s located next to the lake. Going to the hotel, tourists need to use the boat that operated every two hours, go and come back. Photos below show the places I visited in Balige, during the last going home trip.


10 thoughts on “Lake Toba, Seen from Balige

  1. Where do the boats go, Mbak? Samosir Island?
    Your photos are truly amazing, Mbak. I love on how you captured the roofs of the traditional houses–do their shapes are quite similar with Minangkabau houses? And did you use HDR technique on these pictures, too? If so, the technique was quite successful, as this resulted in these great photos! Ah, I should learn a lot about photography techniques, and I hope someday I could take pictures as good as these, too :hehe.


    • Actually, the hotel is located in Sumatera Island. However, the location can not be reached by road since it’s placed at the edge of hill cliffs. The only way to get there is using the private boat belongs to the hotel. The roof, indeed, is similar to Minangkabau house. I did use HDRA techniques, and still learning to make it perfect. Thank you for your humble comments, Gara..

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